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How to uninstall safely
This uninstall process is important in a current software as we will need to cleanly clear the past cache data.

As we have had users whom were unable to cleanly install from the newer versions, this simple workflow is to ensure that we will always install cleanly.

[Image: wkXkEpV1aB9hIieC58pjm-CzIBj3f5tyD5jxrpAr...yKb3neGC_C]
 1)      Press the Windows button
 [Image: CAdzoOKaKrKWngmq7N2x5pmOTRYz_MKtfNrK0OMb...9BUWrOw8N9]
2)      Type Remove, and select “Add of remove programs
[Image: Kk9T1YgQqEnGnSo9-zqIfnEldlcKIMm_eB3Ycyah...W7wyUg7gWL]
3)      Search for “BimatrixSetup
 [Image: Ta_MrcsKdSCnkfqj27GEfF4enxIcvKz_Bzimr7Sl...9NSeMMcazE]
4)      Uninstall the previous version
5)      After uninstalling, we can safely install the new version.

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